Blind dating music soundtrack

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During an afternoon at the local diner, he accidentally drops a birthday card meant for his grandmother (who had raised him) and it gets mailed.

Later, a hitman posing as an FBI agent contacts his grandmother and sees the card and its postmark, telling him where Andrew is hiding.

The last scene is of Ryan, sitting under a tree at a university. was also recorded in 1987 and featured in the film.

Andrew, now known as Eddie Collins, appears from behind the tree and tells her he has decided to become a teacher. Roger Ebert compared the film to Like Father, Like Son, also released in 1987, in that it was an "example of the newest Hollywood genre, the Generation Squeeze, in which plots artificially combine adult and teenage elements" in order to attract the latter to the movie theater while attracting enough of an adult audience for the success of the rental market.

); "Live My Life" by Boy George; "Catch Me (I'm Falling)" by Pretty Poison, which went top ten in the US and also topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in September 1987; and the top-20 U. Ebert describes as "dumb" the main plot device involving the gangsters' continuing pursuit of Andrew, and the story arc about the janitor he befriends, and notes that the film fails to depict how the 29-year-old protagonist could have much in common with Gish's character, who is over 10 years younger than he is.

He credited the film with getting him to wonder what it would be like to revisit one's high school years, but cites Peggy Sue Got Married from 1986 as a film that had portrayed that scenario much more successfully.

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Ezzard, watching the proceedings, manages to dispose of one of the hitmen, while the other moves up into the rafters of the gym.

Needing a safe place to hide, Andrew, under disguise, attempts to contact his cousin, Patrick, (played by Keith Coogan) and aunt (portrayed by Gretchen Cryer, Jon Cryer's real-life mother), arranging to meet the latter at the high school at which she works as a nurse.

While sitting in the nurse's office, he impulsively opts to enroll, taking the name of Maxwell Hauser (off a Maxwell House coffee can) and begin high school all over again.

Andrew chases him and a spotlight is used to blind the hitman.

The hitman loses his grip and falls to the gym floor below.

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