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The azure five-petal flower-like escutcheon was traditionally interpreted as an influence of Soviet “a blunt-pointed star” thus imagined as a reflection of the Socialist policy of PRT’s government.

A comparative analysis, however, shows that the five-petal design corresponds to the circle of a classical .

Universal'naia nauchno-populiarnaia entsiklopediia [online] Available at: obrazovanie/religiya/(access date: ).

(2011) Stanovlenie gosudarstvennoi simvoliki Tuvinskoi narodnoi respubliki. 4 [online] Available at: journal/issue_12/4185(access data ).

We believe that the similarities between the and the PRT’s 1935/1939 state emblem are far from a mere coincidence. The findings are based on the conclusions reached during the contemporary Škréta-themed scholarly investigation centred on systematic archival and history research.Representative technical-technological and restoration investigation formed an important part of the research project, which occasionally brought essential, and at times even surprising, information about the variable nature of 17thcentury paintings in relation to the patrons who commissioned the work and the type of commission.This was a highly original state emblem which had nothing in common with those of USSR, Mongolia, or any of the subsequent emblems of Tuva. The official blazon of the state emblem can be found in the report of the Chairman of the Presidium of the PRT’s Little Khural to the Great Khural on amendments to the Constitution and on the new Constitution of Tuva (1936).

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