Gender roles and dating

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If you're starting to read this and are already thinking: "Spiritual bypass, Kendra!

" - please do not mistake what I'm saying as "Men and women are the same / equal." I am not saying that. And I am not denying the differences that have evolved because of it.

A person’s need for connection or space is usually related to their attachment style, something that’s formed as a result of their childhood caregiver relationship [we won’t go into the details in this article, but it’s definitely something worth reading about for easier relationships].

The point of this was to explain to Casey that since every person’s need for connection or space is different, it’s important to simply ask the individual about it.

She thought that men would start feeling trapped because most men fear commitment and settling down.

Date after date she would withhold this huge part of her vision.

And at her age, she started to fear that it might not happen.

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Here’s a quick pop quiz for you: Go through the descriptions and guess the person’s gender and sex as quickly as you can. The options are Transgender Male, Transgender Female, Cysgender Male, Cysgender Female.For someone who needs space - it might be a turnoff to get rapid fire texts the morning after hanging out.For someone who needs connection - it might have them totally turned on, giddy, and bantering back and forth for hours.After working as a psychotherapist and coach with people, I realize I am definitely not the only one - that many of our single clients have had this masculine/feminine, gender/sex stereotype thing preventing them from being themselves.How stereotyping kept Lesa and Marco single Lesa had always dreamed of getting married and having children.

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