Looking under ladies dresses and seeing floral print panties

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Her breasts defied gravity in a way they had no right to at her age. Women fell over themselves to catch his eye, and queued up for his attention.

He was unused to being teased by a woman who in his eye thought she was better than him.

She walked with the sort of grace and confidence that could only come from knowing men enjoyed watching her. When she had married Pete, some 20 years earlier, she had been a stunner, with breasts that stopped traffic, but now, all those years down the line, her regime of fitness, horse riding , healthy eating, and most importantly dressing the part, meant that she was still able to enjoy many an admiring glance as she headed towards the insurance office where she worked.

Her breasts bounced ever so slightly under the satin camisole that she wore this morning.

He was dressed to blend in, so was barely recognisable as the sharp suited cool brother from the street caf who treated bling as if it was tastefully designed with him in mind .

As Leroy had followed her yesterday morning, she had fumbled in her purse , and had dropped something on the sidewalk.She always favoured camisoles over bras, which she felt compromised the natural curve of her best assets-indeed ,she only ever wore bras for riding and other sporty activities ,allowing her fabulous chest to be the shape nature intended the rest of the time.She wasnt an out and out exhibitionist, or at least that was what she told herself.Normally, Winston would have sat on the cash until Kenny was out, but now he had a much better use for it.He filled in the credit slip to the value of ,000, and carefully copied Sarahs signature from the delivery slip she had unwittingly signed for Leroy as he had delivered the stationery later yesterday morning.

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