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Merriman said he was trying to keep Tequila from leaving his home because she appeared to be intoxicated and denied harming her.Tequila's attorney, Alan Gutman, called Merriman's explanation "spin" and predicted it would be discredited, saying the 6-foot-4, 265-pound linebacker "brutally" assaulted his client. I also appreciate the objectiveness expressed by the San Diego Charges ownership and management, my teammates, my friends and especially all the fans. We're happy things worked out for him on the legal front."Smith didn't return a call seeking further comment.I look forward to continuing to stay focused on my career goals: a great season of football and the success of the San Diego Chargers."In a statement, Chargers general manager A. The Chargers are preparing for their season opener Monday night at Oakland.And most of the time, they don't realize half the things they do that piss you off!Give him his space to do his guy things with his friends, or else he will feel like you're taking away his manhood."And now for the surprise of the century.In line with MTV's "reality"-oriented strategy of not playing much music, Tequila – who earned her reputation as the most popular user on My Space (which at one point blocked her music sales widget) – will star in a bisexual dating show starting October 9th.

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"Tila wonders, as we all do, why women feel the need to down each other so often. You're too busy being kick-ass making your dreams come true.

Still looking for love, Tequila found romance with Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson (who had also previously dated Semel). Unfortunately, her joyful news was overshadowed when Johnson passed away on Jan. Not one to grieve in private, Tequila took to her blog and Twitter to express her mourning over her late fiancee’s death.

It feels a little dirty to write about Tila Tequila.

Born October 24, 1981, in Singapore, Tila Nguyen first gained notoriety for her popularity on the Internet.

To date, the Houston-raised bad girl has acquired nearly 4 million friends on My Space, though her reach extends far beyond that thanks to her blog, Twitter account, reality TV dating show, book and music career.

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