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So messaged one SP, he shared two pics, I finalized the one in pink saari. After waiting for 40-45 minute, hus punter came guided me to one hotel room. Boobs were not big, she was getting annoyed after some boob sucking. Anyways after changing teo positions, she stopped being corporarive and become dead fish.

You can imagine the hotel repo, if it doesn't have any hoarding on building and situated at 5th floor.

I like gals with place, which is safe, best place was Siri's. I like gals with place, which is safe, best place was Siri's. Moved to vizag recently and my first contact is with a housewife. She removed her nightwear and we both started exploring and finished in mish.

Bro, She looks bad if you want me to be straight I'll say very bad got old look in early age because she drinks too much, very small racks. Got the number from a friend and I called her directly and fixed the deal for 1 HR. I forgot my packet in car which I had parked at some distance. Overall experience is good as this is my first encounter with a 30 yr old housewife. She is very clean and has very smooth body, good skin. This time, instead of MILF, I wanted to try some indie. I tried to start foreplay but she doesn't allow lip kiss.

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