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Once you have all the photos you want in the right Dropbox folder, it’s time to switch over to the tablet itself.

To turn your tablet into a photo frame, I recommend Fotoo, a frame app on the Play Store that has a 4.3-star review rating.

(Suppress your gasps of shock, please.) So it might be easiest just to use Dropbox here, even if you don’t use it for anything else.

If successful, the processor would be able to perform mind-boggling calculations to solve scientific problems like climate change or cure complex diseases like cancer. Scroll down for video Scientists have finally designed a computer chip that can integrate quantum interactions.It's a problem being worked on by researchers around the world, and now scientists have finally designed a computer chip that can integrate quantum interactions.Scientists have re-imagined the silicon microprocessors we know to create a complete design for the 'elusive' quantum computer chip.Now just set the tablet on the tablet stand somewhere decorative, and plug it into the charger. Adjust the brightness to your liking, and you’re done: you shouldn’t need to touch it ever again.Even if the power goes out and it loses its battery charge, you can just turn it on, plug it in, and Fotoo will once again launch.

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